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HOW'S MY DRIVING? +++ Permissions


Have any advice for me? I'd love to hear it.
I take constructive crit. extremely well; in fact, I thrive on it.
Comments are screened.
I will do anything to improve my playing!
Thank you very much.



006 home is where the hell is


... Just so you two know, it's a bit hard living by yourself. It's fine at home, but here... I guess there's a bit more I have to take care of. In fact, it's a lot harder I'M SCARED TO GO FISHING HERE OKAY SOMETHING UNEXPECTED MIGHT POP UP AND EAT MY FACE-.

So if any of you know of any place I can stay, that would be all right.
If not, well, then...

... Never mind. Just asking if you two know of any place. For cheap. Definitely for cheap. Like, free.

005 cod football

It's about time my football soccer knattspyrna team got recognized worldwide.
Even if the World Cup is over, that doesn't mean the excitement has died down. It's good to hang on to things for a while, right? Reuse and recycle the excitement...

004 simplicity man

I'm out to prove that simplicity is best.

Also, I have greenhouses with bananas.
So, really, you can just get everything you want at my place. One-stop-shop.


[[ ooc: If you're in cityofdesai i totally just ended up re-adding everyone through some bizarre admin console circumstance. I did re-apply, but I my re-apply has not been accepted as of yet, so if you got a friends request from me... Totally ignore it for now. For now?! Possible. Maybe. Thanks.

EDIT: sweet i just got accepted SUP GUYS ]]


I feel like I'm covered in bees.

Maybe I should look into selling some honey.


... Does anybody know a good brand of lotion?
Whenever I sleep, I wake up surrounded my ash.

Volcanoes cause skin problems. Worse than dry skin, I swear...

◌◌1 ◤first post and i am terrified◢

I never should've listened to Finn.
I showed a moment of weakness... A moment of actually thinking he's normal. This is what I get.

Now I have no idea where I'm going.
On top of it... I'm pretty sure the people at customs think Puffin is a bomb.
Birds only explode if they eat rice. He definitely did not eat rice. He was too busy eating all of my food.

What Is Your Battle Cry?

Skulking through the candy store, carrying a studded crowbar, cometh Iceland! And he gives a mighty bellow:

"I'm going to fuck you backwards in time!!!"

Find out!
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" Norway have threatened to ban Icelandic trawlers from their fishing waters and even place an embargo on fish oil and fish meat from Iceland."